Should your animal should take medication without any reason, this is usually a challengefor you personally. You probably know how hard it could be to take a few pills, especially if they are large or offer an odd taste. Cats also don't want to take pills, sowith regards to keeping them swallow these foreign objectsyou ought to get a little creative. Cats can react very erratically if you attempt to give them pills perhaps the most sociable and in many cases-tempered cats can react very poorly once you try and let them havemedication. Here are some tips from Dr. Dawn Reuben of Northgate Pet Clinic regarding how to successfully supply your cat with medication.

Hiding Pills in Food

Most often, you need to give your cat medication in pill form, as this is the commonest form of cat medication. It's not easy to acquire your cat to swallow pills, so the best option is to squeeze pill into your cats food. Seek advice from the vet to make sure that you're allowed to administer the medication with food. When you can, try hiding the pill in tuna, peanut butter, or cream cheese. Cats are tricky eatersand they may spot the pill even if you have hidden it, so be sure that you take note of your cat in order that he's got actually swallowed the pill. Cats have a tendency to spit pills out, so watch him very closely.

 Giving the Medication

If hiding the pills of one's cats dinner doesn't work, you are likely to must manuallysupply your cat with his pills. This is something that is extremely difficult to do by yourself, if you decide to have someone that may help you it will likely be much easier. Have your friend hold your cat&rsquos chest and front arms, or if you don't have someone to help you, wrap your cat in the blanket or towel.

Healthy Cat

Hold your cats head firmly, but not so difficult that you're hurting him, together with your non-dominant hand. Use your dominant hand to support the pill. Gently open your cats mouth by pushing about the lower teeth and tilt your cats head up for the ceiling. Squeezepill as far back into his throat as you possibly can, without putting your fingers in his mouth. Close his jaw quickly and hold it shut as it were or two. Blow on your cats nose to stimulate him to lick his nose, which will help to involuntarily swallow. Always give him a goody afterwards, along with lots of praise.

Cat Health

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